Wine List

Adorada Pinot Gris

refreshing blend of orange blossom and honey suckle up front. Finishes with a
touch of honey dew and lemon zest


bold red wine from the nose to the finish. Dark cherry, red berries, with an oaky quality. Great
balance with fruit and tannins on the end.

Drumheller Cabernet Sauvignon

bright floral nose opens to flavors of fresh blackberry,  wild cherries,
and cinnamon with a delicate texture. The finish is intense, yet silky.

Enza Prosecco

a delicate sparkling wine that bursts scents of pear and green apple with a floral nose.
The taste mimics the nose with additional hints of peach and honeysuckle.

Josh Cellars Chardonnay

aromas of tropical fruit and citrus married with subtle oak notes. The palate is
bright, crisp, fresh with notes of lemon, peaches, and cream brulee. Long, smooth finish.

Kunde Sauvignon Blanc

refreshing and flavorful with bright floral aromatics and ripe melon and citrus

Soter Pinot Noir

this Oregon Pinot exhibits bright red fruits, with baking spices and oaky notes. The
wine is sleek and silky, with a black peppery finish.

Chiroulet Java Rose

a dry and crisp rose with notes of crushed raspberry and a nice minty character. A
lively finish with refreshing notes.

Laurent Miquel Syrah/Grenache

a red blend with spicy and juicy notes of dark red fruit. Intense berries,
and floral notes lend to a smooth finish.

Zen Garden Riesling

A German Riesling with a fruity, apricot, peachy nose, that balances well with a
medium, acidic, smooth finish.


Tap House Tea

bourbon, house brewed iced tea, peach, mint, fresh lemon

Fig Daquiri

rum, fig, 5 spice, fresh lime

Cider Mule

bourbon, house brewed iced tea, peach, mint, fresh lemon

Ginger Rogers

gin, honey, ginger, house made grenadine, fresh lemon

Simple Jack

apple brandy, smoked maple syrup, sherry, black walnut

Pretty Girl From Puebla

tequila, grapefruit, elderflower, cilantro, fresh lime

Rye Julep

rye whiskey, mint, cane sugar, fresh lime

Fall Sangria

red wine, apple brandy, cinnamon, ginger, fig

Vodka Spritz

vodka, elderflower, house grenadine, fresh lemon, prosecco